What do yellow roses mean? Yellow roses symbolism

beautifull yellow rose

There is one thing the world can't go without and that is love. The most common way to show your feelings of care for someone, is to use words, gestures or body language. However, we shouldn't forget that flowers also have their own love language. But what is that classic flower that's been used worldwide for centuries to show women how special and loved they are? Yes, you guessed it right - it's a rose!

But, dear reader, did you know that roses can represent different connections with people and their feelings based on the flower's color? No matter red, lavender, pink, blue, black, white, or whatever rose color you can think of, they all represent something specific, like love or friendship. So, to show a loved one how you feel about them with a rose, you must know the various rose color meanings, so that your message is perfectly understood.

Today we are going to put the spotlight on yellow roses and the meaning of their color. We are going to shed a light on what do yellow roses mean, what does the yellow rose symbolise and how you can use it to testify your love for someone. But first...

What does the rose symbolize

The rose itself has existed for over 35 million years. Most people associate roses with love and romance, which was probably adopted once humans started crafting culture and art. It is not unintentional that we meet roses in almost every romantic movie, poem, painting, tattoo, flower store, etc.

The significance of the red rose dates back to Greek mythology, as it is believed that it was created by Aphrodite - the Goddess of love. The legend says Aphrodite watered the ground with her own tears and the blood of her lover Adonis and that is how roses started growing. But so much for the legends, let’s get to the main point of this article - what do yellow roses mean.

Yellow roses - meaning and symbolism

a lot of yellow roses

With the color of the sun, the yellow rose brings not only a joyful nature to it, but also bright and happy thoughts, feelings of joy, care and affection to the recipient. But do you know what the yellow rose symbolises? The answer is simple - friendship. It conveys warmth and care, so it is no surprise that the yellow rose represents friendship connections. So, if you want to make a friend feel special, show them you validate and love them, then consider giving them a yellow rose, or a bouquet of yellow roses - it's up to you!

Where do yellow roses come from

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, roses are about 35 million years old. In the 17th century they were even used as a form of payment. Though the first roses exhibited were mainly white and pink, the yellow ones were later discovered in Europe growing not as anything else, but as wildflowers. Interesting fact is that during the Victorian times, yellow roses were symbols of jealousy and would be sent to people accusing them of betrayal or infidelity. Luckily, this changed overtime and now yellow roses are only associated with happiness, care and friendship.

Back then there were many different shades of yellow roses. And upon their discovery, Europeans fell in love with the color and shades and that is how they became extremely popular. The number of yellow roses increased tremendously in the 18th century, leading to years of cultivation, many different colors, many styles and an unmistakable sweet fragrance that the yellow rose is known for, although originally the rose did not have much of a smell. Today, its fragrance is so popular and widespread among different products, like shampoos, soaps, perfumes, hair masks, etc. that you can not mistake it for anything else.

Today, yellow roses have made their way into culture all over the world, turning into a symbol of love and affection. You can find them in bouquets and floral arrangements, as a decoration for special occasions and grown in beautifully arranged gardens.

What is the perfect occasion for a yellow rose

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If you ask yourself what might be the perfect occasion to surprise someone with a yellow rose or a bouquet of them - just any occasion that involves friends or family. The bright, sunny color of the rose sheds a message of happiness, positiveness and delightfulness. The yellow rose is the perfect way to show a friend that they bring happiness and meaning to your life. They are a great way to say "Congratulations'', or "Thank you", or "Good luck" for when a friend needs cheering up. Some examples of occasions that are perfect for yellow roses include:

  • Birthdays;
  • Graduation;
  • Engagements;
  • Weddings;
  • The birth of a child;
  • or simply to show a beloved one you are thinking of them.

Moreover, yellow roses are a symbol of platonic friendship and can help you build a better connection with someone. Although, it is suggested that you do not give them to a romantic interest, yellow roses are so versatile, that they can be used for whatever occasion you think suits best. These flowers are so lovely, that anyone will appreciate them. Their color can brighten someone's day or cheer them up, as yellow is a color associated with joy. They may not be the most popular colored rose, but they do deserve the attention they get, since they bring warmth and positive vibes just anywhere!

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To sum it up:

Yellow roses are a symbol of platonic love, friendship and care. You can use them as a present for any occasion, though you don't really need one to remind a beloved person that they matter and are special. We hope we answered your question "What do yellow roses mean". And if you're curious to find out more about what the rose symbolises in general and what other colors and meanings there are - take a look at this article.