What do the different colors of roses mean?

Flowers are here to make our world a more beautiful place. It is no wonder then that when we want to show our love for someone, we give them flowers. In most cases, the first thing that comes to mind when flowers are mentioned is roses - those delicate flowers that strike us with their immense beauty. Therefore in today's article, we will give you a profound explanation of one of the most common questions people have in mind when roses come up in the picture - "What does the color of roses mean"?
colours of roses

So, whether you are only interested in color symbolism or just trying to decide what color you should get for your loved one, keep on reading!

What do roses mean and why are they an expression of love?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that roses are considered the most enduring symbol of love. Its significance has been often described by many poets, including Shakespeare in "Romeo and Juliet." Did you know that according to Greek mythology, roses were created by Aphrodite - the goddess of love? The beautiful legend says that her tears, together with the blood of her lover Adonis, watered the ground from where red roses grew.

The early Christians believed that the red rose was the virtue of the Virgin Mary. Century after century, roses have been used as a symbol of intense love, romance, and affection. During the Victorian age, roses were used as gifts to convey emotions and feelings. The symbolism remains to this day. In the past red roses were considered the epitome of love. Today different colors and shades of roses are created to express numerous emotions - love, friendship, joy, etc. So let's look into different colors of roses and what they mean.

How to choose the right rose color for your significant other?

What is the meaning of the colors of roses?- you ask. Well, before we move on to that, let's talk about how to choose the right color for your significant other's rose. We have prepared some tips you can always count on when in doubt. First and foremost, you must always think of the occasion - is it a birthday party, a young girl's prom, a wedding anniversary, or Valentine's Day?

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Many possible occasions may suggest giving a rose to a woman, so you must always consider them when choosing the color. For instance, if it's Valentine's Day, a red rose is always a must to show your passion for your girlfriend or wife. If you are going to celebrate a girl's prom, red roses may be a little too much, and you may want to go with peach-colored ones instead. If buying flowers for your wife or girlfriend to express your love without any specific occasion, you may want to choose her favorite color for her bouquet.

Second of all, keep in mind who is the receiver. If you are getting a rose for your significant other, things are easy - you either give her a red one or one in the color she likes best. However, choosing a rose for your best friend, colleague, or even your mother may be a little more burdensome than it may initially seem. After all, you wouldn't want to convey the wrong message with your gift. And this leads us to the gist of today's topic - rose color meaning and their symbolism. So, without further ado, let's move on to that.

Colors of roses and their meaning

Now, let’s dive deep into the color wheel and the symbolism each rose color holds.

Red roses

There's no doubt we will start with the most prominent color - red. It may have the most obvious meaning out of all, but it is still worth mentioning. Red roses are reserved for the love of your life. Red is the color of romance, longing, and passion, making it the right choice for expressing your love to your devoted partner. It is an unmistakable choice for proposals, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or any other holiday. The red rose holds a universal meaning - love, and therefore it is often used in wedding bouquets as symbols and tokens of respect and appreciation. If your curious mind wants to learn more about the symbolism behind red roses, click here.

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Lavender and Dark Purple

The most common shades of purple are lavender and dark purple. Both convey different messages to the receivers. Giving a lavender rose is a sign of love at first sight. It is used by new admirers as a way to express their intentions of romance. Purple roses in a darker hue are associated with royalty. To learn more about the different shades of purple and what each shade represents, visit our article here.

Pink roses

Pink roses convey appreciation and admiration to the person that receives them. They stand for sweetness, blooming femininity, and elegance. Therefore, they are the perfect gift for gentle girls and women. The meaning may vary according to the shade of pink. Dark-colored roses are a great way to say "Thank you for being you!" while lighter shades represent grace and happiness. Their delicate gentle color makes them a preferred choice for surprising best friends, co-workers, mothers, daughters, and even fiancées. If you are intrigued by this information, you would want to learn more about pink roses' symbolism to do so - click here.

Peach and Dark Orange roses

Orange is such a vigorous color, no wonder it represents excitement, energy, and admiration. If you want to show your loving wife, mother, daughter, friend, or co-worker that you are proud of them, give them orange roses as a gift. Peach-colored roses are used to express gratitude and gratefulness. That is a specific shade of the orange specter, and as such, it represents the genuineness of your feelings. They are a thoughtful way to express your love and sympathy for a close one - be it a friend or family member. For more profound information on the symbolism behind those two colors, click here.

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Yellow roses

Nowadays, yellow roses are commonly given, especially to young women, as a symbol of joyful times and friendship. It is the perfect gift for a friend to show them their affection and delight. They are a token of appreciation to another person, as they symbolize warm memories and unforgettable moments. However, in the past giving someone a yellow rose conveyed a much different message. To find out what yellow roses stood for, click here. Spoiler alert: they were associated with much more negative emotions.

Blue roses

Blue represents mystery and illusions and is often associated with lust, longing, and desire. They are given as a gift to people you have unrequited feelings for. For more information about what stands behind blue roses, you can read our article here.

Green roses

Green shades are associated with fertility and harmony. They represent rebirth and tranquility, making them the perfect gift if you want to send your best wishes to your loved one.

White roses

White is associated with peace, innocence, and purity. You may also give white roses as a symbol of new beginnings and everlasting love. They are often used as a make-up gift for couples who have previously broken up and want to start things over. You may also use them as a farewell gift to a closer friend who is going away for a while. However, white roses' most common use is in weddings as a symbol of eternal love and celebration of new beginnings. Click here for more information on the symbolism of white roses.

white roses

Black roses

Black roses are created synthetically, and they represent endings - of feelings, relationships, ideas. They are not your go-to to express your romantic feelings unless this is the recipient's favorite color and you want to surprise them with it. Black roses are often used during Halloween to create beauty in spooky times. To find out more information on why they are related to such negative feelings, click here.

What do Mixed or Blended Colors of roses mean?

Giving a single-colored bouquet may not be enough to express your thoughts and feelings. Then feel free to ask the florists to create a customizable bouquet for your special someone. You can mix roses with different colors to convey even stronger and more sophisticated messages. To thank someone who has always been by your side, you can mix white and red roses. That would create the perfect harmony between the two, leaving the recipient speechless. The combination between pink and green signifies affection and tender love, making it the best choice for family members and friends.

Blended roses also convey specific meanings. For instance, yellow roses with red tips mean "I am falling in love with you!" If you are at the beginning of a new relationship with someone who has previously been your friend, this is the best choice for you.

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To sum it up:

At the end of our article, we want to tell you that it is never too late to surprise a loved one, and roses are the perfect way to do it. Now that we have answered your most commonly asked question - "What do different colors of roses mean?" - you can choose the right color every time you have to buy flowers for your wife, family members, friends, colleagues, or neighbors. If you are intrigued by the colorful world of roses, visit our blog where you will find plenty of informational and resourceful articles on the topic.