Why do we give white roses as a gift on Valentine's day

Valentine’s day is knocking on the door, and celebrations are in order. It’s the time of the year when almost every Christian couple around the globe celebrates their love. Nowadays, however, the holiday is celebrated by people of all religious backgrounds. Gifts of all kinds are exchanged between those in love, as a symbol of their adoration towards each other. An example of such a gift is roses - the universal way of saying 'I love you!'.

Therefore, in this article, we will focus on the beautiful white roses and their symbolism. Continue reading to find out if they are appropriate for Valentine’s day, and what are some ways to combine them with classical red roses.

Short history of St. Valentine and the 14th of February

Everybody has heard about Valentine’s Day, but only a few are aware of the name's origin. There are many stories about Saint Valentine, but none of them have been proven to be true. The most popular of them tells about a priest named Valentine, who became a patron of lovers, a ‘Saint of love.’ He blessed the marriage between the Roman legionary Savinius and the young Christian Serapia when marriages were considered illegal. Emperor Claudius II had issued a decree that forbade young soldiers to marry. The sole reason for the decree was Cladius’ unreasonable observation that unmarried men were better soldiers than married ones.

bunch of white rosesAccording to the legend, Valentine also held secret weddings for lovers, whose parents were disapproving of their love. That’s one of the reasons Valentine became a Saint. The stories about Valentine are intriguing, and so are the traditions surrounding the holiday.

What do white roses on Valentine’s day mean?

Roses are the traditional classic flowers, given to women for Valentine’s day. Every rose colour has a hidden, deeper meaning that conveys a specific message. While red roses are the most popular representation of love, white roses symbolize purity and innocence. They express youthfulness and everlasting love. In Christianity white roses are also linked to the innocence of the Virgin Mary. That makes them a symbol of the virginity of the soul and the body.

If you want to show your partner how innocent and pure your love for them is, go with white roses. White roses hold special meanings in many cultures, and is always a good idea to know what they symbolize.

Why are white roses given on Valentine’s day?

The reasons why white roses are often preferred to red roses for Valentine’s day are plenty. First, because of what they represent. Like we said before, white roses are a symbol of the innocent and pure soul of the receiver and are gifted as a celebration of those virtues. Secondly, they are a preferred choice for younger ladies. Furthermore, red roses may be a little too boring considering they are the obvious way to say: 'I love you!'. So if you want to escape traditions, choose white roses. Moreover, white roses can be combined with other colours of roses, types of flowers, and presents of any kind.

big bunch of white roses Different combinations of roses, colors, and flowers come with their very own specific meanings. For example, a bouquet of white and yellow roses depicts the deep and pure friendship between two people, and the joyful moments they share together. A combination of white and pink roses is also a really good idea. Pink roses are the second most popular choice after red. Pink also resembles love and connection, but not as aggressively and passionately. When pink roses are together with white ones, it means pure admiration. That makes them the perfect gift for any occasion - weddings, baby showers, etc. However, even without any special occasions, pink and white roses are a beautiful way to show your appreciation to your loved ones.

Combination of red and white roses as a gift for Valentine’s day

This combination of roses is the most widely known. Red and white roses together express unity. Red roses represent passionate and deep love, while white ones symbolize purity and innocence. That is the sweetest and most beautiful way to show your beloved one that you’re ready for the next step.

Red roses meaning

The meaning of the traditional red rose is widely known. It symbolizes passion, deep and romantic love. It is the most popular flower, given on Valentine's day. Every year 50 million red roses are sold for the celebration. This flower is a classic way to express your feelings. If you want to learn more about the meaning of red roses and the history behind it, you can read our article about red roses on Valentine’s day.

bunch of red and white roses for st. Valentine's day

Ideas about gift with red and white roses for Valentine’s day

If this year you want to surprise your beloved one with something more than the traditional Valentine’s card, containing words from your heart, we have some modern ideas for you. If your partner loves both flowers and Teddy bears, you can combine them - a handmade rose bear. RoseGift offers three rose bear variations of the red and white combo:

Surprise your beloved one with white roses from RoseGift

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white roses and red hearts

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Roses are a special way to say ‘I love you!’. If you want to express your feelings in a different way and tell your lover how pure and innocent your love for them is, white roses are perfect for this purpose. Don't forget that combinations with other colours of roses have their own deep meanings as well.

If you found this article interesting, don’t hesitate to visit our blog to learn more about roses and their meanings.