Why do we give red roses as a gift on Valentine's day?

Valentine's day is one of those occasions where you show your love and appreciation towards your loved one. And while one does not always need occasions for that, the world definitely needs more celebrations like February 14th because there's no better thing than to celebrate the love, commitment, and understanding between two people.

Valentine's day is usually celebrated with roses and other romantic gestures. So it is inevitable for one to ask themselves: "Why do we give roses on Valentine's day?" And if you make no exception to the group, stay tuned because we will spill out the secret behind the meaning of the red rose.

The meaning behind the red rose

If you want to show someone you love them, you'd want to pick a flower that will convey the right message. You would want to show and describe all of your emotions, feelings, longing, and deepest desire.

a lot of red roses And surprisingly, or not, the flower that conveys that is the red rose. Its beautiful, boldly saturated, yet discreetly elegant color is the reason why the rose is associated with such powerful and emotional feelings and meanings.

And while red roses are accepted as the widely common way to celebrate the joyful union and love between two people, it is not too unusual for lovers to surprise their significant other with roses of different colors. And while you should always give roses the recipient would appreciate, there are also some things you need to consider beforehand. And that is the meaning behind other colors of roses.

History of red roses

Why red roses on Valentine's day? To answer this question, we need to travel back through time to the infamous Victorian era. During these times, both men and women used flowers as ways to communicate and express their romantic intentions towards one another.

Considering that Victorian etiquette was not very accepting of verbal sharing and expression of romantic interests and intentions, the only thing that was left for young people was their flowers.

Each flower conveys a different meaning, and considering that roses were associated with the Greek goddess of love - Aphrodite, they were commonly used as ways to express romantic feelings.

Why do we give red roses on Valentine's day? The myth of Aphrodite and Adonis inspired the traditions. It says that the marvelous goddess was crying over Adonis' lifeless body and her tears cultivated the roses.

red roses on a rock

Does the number of roses in your bouquet matter?

How many red roses should you pick for a bouquet depends on many things, so let's see what's the meaning behind different numbers:

  • 1 rose - Symbolizes love at first sight, and it is usually given on a first date;
  • 3 roses - They are given as a celebration of the love two people feel. They represent the two lovers and the love they share;
  • 6 roses - Represent infatuation and are usually send for engagements;
  • 9 roses - Convey the message that you want to be with someone forever;
  • 12 roses - A dozen roses say loud and clear: 'Be mine!';

The more red roses you pick for a bouquet, the stronger the feelings you have for someone.

Tips on how to give the roses to your loved one

Valentine's day is your perfect opportunity to bring joy to the person you want to spend your life with. So, instead of just giving the roses to your person, you can spice things up a little and create a romantic environment where you will be able to profess your love.

man giving red roses as a gift for valentine's day

Here are some ideas on how to do that:

Handwritten notes

Adding a personalized message to your bouquet is what will make your person cry happy tears. People are touched not by the roses themselves but more by the meaning they have and the message they hide. So don't lose time, grab a pen, and express your thought and feelings the old-fashioned way.


Go to your local store and buy some candles. Put them in the room, light them up and see how the whole place changes. Nowadays, there are plenty of candles available - big, small, medium-sized, in different shapes and colors. So don't be discouraged by that and get creative, mix them up a little, and the final result will be stunning.

Music playlists

Where would we be without music? There's nothing more romantic than creating a playlist for your significant other. You don't have to include the most popular love songs unless your person enjoys them. Just put some songs you both like. That will give you the opportunity to dance and share some more joyful and unforgettable moments.

woman with bunch of red roses

Get creative

A few weeks before Valentine's day, sit down and think through what will make your person go: "Wow!". Think of conversations you've previously had, places you've been to together, and other small details that may tell you what your loved one likes.

Other gift ideas that go well with roses

If you think roses may not be enough, you can always choose another gift to go with them. Choosing a gift for a woman is not as difficult as choosing for a man. There are plenty of things on the market that will make good Valentine's day gifts. One can never go wrong with jewelry, so don't skip on that idea. The best thing you can do is choose what your significant other has been telling you about in previous conversations - be it a book, a board game or a new video game. Anything that will make your person smile is worth the go. For other gift ideas, you can read 10 Original Valentine's day gift ideas for him and her.

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heart of red roses

Final words

Now that you know why red roses on Valentine's day are a must, you are ready to choose the perfect and most romantic gift for your wife, girlfriend, or fiancée. We hope that all of this information will be helpful to you, and you will easily plan the most romantic Valentine's day. For more interesting posts, you can visit our blog.