What do white roses mean? White roses symbolism

Roses are more than just beautiful flowers, which you can use as a present for any occasion. The reason for their versatility is the fact that they come in so many colors, each of which has its own special meaning and symbolism.

And while you can feel free to give someone whatever color rose you want or like, we advise you pay attention to the color, since choosing the right one for the right occasion can turn this gift into more than just a flower - something special with a specific meaning and symbolism. Think of it as a song - would you play rock songs or ones about death at the birth of a baby for example?

So, as it goes, choosing the right color can be very helpful when it comes to sending a message through a rose or a bouquet of them. And since there is such a variety of colors, today we choose to put the spotlight on white roses - what do they mean, what is their symbolism, and what are they used for.

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History of white roses

Can you try and guess how long have white roses existed on earth? If your guessing was anything less than 35 million years - you are far off.

For centuries white roses have held a strong importance and meaning in many cultures. Ancient Romans and Greeks, for example, were enchanted by them and their tenderness. The Korans, on the other hand, joined in the fray, as they believed that the white rose was a symbol of paradise and innocence.

White roses have a very special significance in history, especially in politics and religion. These beautiful creations have held a particular importance in Christian religion, as The Virgin Mary is often linked with the white rose. This is probably not surprising you, as the color white typically symbolizes purity, light and innocence in Christianity.

Due to their role in certain historical events, white roses have been associated with loyalty, trust and secrecy. For example, the white rose was the official symbol of House of York supporters in the War of the Roses, which took place in England during King Henry VII's reign in the 15th century.

The white rose was also associated with the Goddess of Love and Beauty in Roman times. The myth says that all roses were white, until Aphrodite pricked herself with the thorns and turned them all red. Later, in the Victorian era, suitors sent bouquets of white roses to those they intended on pursuing to signify the beginning of a courtship.

What do white roses symbolise

When it comes to roses, there is a rainbow of colors, each of which has a very particular meaning. While red or yellow roses, for example, can be absolutely stunning, white roses also have a very special significance. They are, with no doubt, the ultimate floral symbol of innocence, that carries a certain serenity and peace. The subtle beauty of this flower is what makes it not only so versatile, but also the perfect gift for a variety of occasions.

bouquet of white roses

What is the first thing you probably think of when you see white roses? “What are white roses for?” Most people associate the white rose with one of the most traditional occasions - a wedding. And it makes sense. The fact that the flower represents purity makes it the perfect decoration for celebrating a new romantic bond. White roses are also associated with young love, trust, admiration, feelings of hope, adoration and new beginnings.

Meaning of a single white rose

A single white rose is a symbol of hope, respect and love. It conveys a deep message of purity and deep feelings of respect. Giving a single white rose to someone conveys and everlasting love, devotion and humility. It symbolises the innocence, honesty and ultimate trust between two people and acknowledging their power and bond as individuals.

Meaning of a white rose, combined with other roses

White roses combined with other colorful roses have its own meaning and symbolism. For example, white roses, combined with yellow ones, indicate harmony. A white rose and a red one indicates true love, unity and a special bond. That is why they are great for occasions, such as weddings.

Appropriate occasions for white roses

As such exceptional flowers, white roses are suitable for any occasion you can think of. Whether alone as a gift to a friend, family member, or a loved one, or combined with other roses or flowers, even if their colors are completely different, the white rose will always look unique. You can use it as a decoration at Weddings, Funerals, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations or Retirement Parties - it’s up to you!

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To sum it up:

White roses are a symbol of intimacy, love, trust, innocence and purity. You can use them as a present for any occasion, or even just to remind a beloved person that they matter and are unconditionally loved and you can do that even with no words, but with the perfect sentimental present.

We hope we answered your question "What do white roses mean". And if you're curious to find out more about what the rose symbolises in general and what other colors and meanings there are - take a look at this article.