10 Original Valentine's day gift ideas for him and her

Valentine's day is just around the corner, so you'd better start looking for gifts for your significant other. And while you don't need a special occasion to express your love to the person you love, Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to do it.

However, we understand the difficulty of choosing a gift that would be later described as perfect. That anxious feeling of not knowing whether your person would be appreciative of your present is undoubtedly something everyone has experienced at least once. To help you not go there, we've created a list of Saint Valentine's gift ideas that will make your partner say: 'WOW!'.

Saint Valentine’s gift ideas for her

As etiquette says, ladies go first, so let's start with some romantic St. Valentine gift ideas for her.

Jewellery in а box decorated with roses

There is a saying that a woman can never have enough jewellery, and honestly, we agree 100% with it. Girls and women like accessories that will make their look complete. Even though you may think of it as a cliche, that is not the case. Jewellery is and always will be a classic way to express your deepest affection towards a woman.

rose giftbox for st. Valentine's day
If you want your jewellery to convey a special message, you can look at the selection of necklaces RoseGifts offer. The words 'I love you' are engraved into the stone of the silver or gold necklace you choose.

Golden roses to remind her of you

If you want to take things on another level, you may think of something even fancier. We have something in mind that will undoubtedly impress your wife, girlfriend, or fiancée. Such a unique St. Valentine's gift for her is RoseGift's, Golden Rose. Its exclusive look will stun your loved one and will make her cherish you even more. And while she may not be able to carry your golden rose at all times, every time she looks at it, her heart will get a little warmer.

Preserved roses

If you want to show your woman that the love between you two is just like the fairytales, you must think of something special. A rose in a glass will do the job! Inspired by the romantic love story of Beauty & the Beast, RoseGift's preserved roses will convey the message that your feelings are eternal. And the best thing is that those are real roses that have undergone some processes that made the flower long-lasting. And they don't require any additional special care.

pink roses for st. Valentine's day

Box full of roses & love

Should you want to go the old-fashioned way, a bouquet is a must! However, you may spice up and modernize your bouquet just a little bit. How? With a rose box, of course. While red roses are usually the go-to flowers for Valentine's day, there are a variety of other colors and shapes you can choose from - boxes that say 'I love you!', heart-shaped boxes, and boxes in a circular shape. Their luxurious package will add to the overall excitement.

And we are giving you just a little tip that will blow her mind. Don't forget to add a little handwritten note in the box. Some meaningful for the two of you - be it a quote you both like, a poem that makes you think of her, or just a simple 'I adore you!'.

Sweet rose bear

Our last idea for St. Valentine's gift for her is something cute and modern at the same time - rose bears. Such a creative gift will indubitably bring out all positive emotions and feelings of the receiver. RoseGift offers you rose bears in different colors, so before you choose a specific color, you may want to learn what meaning each rose color has.

st. Valentine idea for him

Saint Valentine’s gift idea for him

Now that we've given you some Saint Valentine's gift ideas for her, it is high time we moved on to him. Below you can read some original and creative Saint Valentine's gift ideas for him.

Personalized ‘What I love about you’ book

One of the best things you can do for the man you love is show him how much you love him. And we are quite serious about the 'show him' part. Collect some of your most cherished moments together and describe them all in your very own 'What-I-Love-About-You' book. Illustrate it with some fascinating doodles and drawings, and Voilà - your book will be all ready to make your person feel loved. Such a gift shows efforts and thoughts and will undoubtedly be greatly appreciated.

Beer subscription

What a man loves, almost as much as his woman - is his beer. And while not all men are fans of the beverage, most would be thrilled by the thought of a monthly subscription. Before you make a subscription, check out the beer company's policy on the matter. While a little out of the ordinary, such a gift will be greatly appreciated by your man, so don't think twice and start checking out beer subscription options.

personalized chocolate for st. valentine

Personalized chocolates

Who doesn't love chocolates for Valentine's day? The most romantic holiday in the year requires some quality chocolates. So before grabbing some random chocolate bars from the supermarket, think about whether your man won't appreciate some personalized sweets. We thought so, too. Check out some companies that provide options to create custom chocolates with personalized labels, and go for one. We guarantee that your man, boyfriend, or fiance will be thrilled. And if your man is keen on living a balanced lifestyle, you can always choose something with healthier ingredients.

Watch in a leather box

If your man likes to keep his appearance classy, he probably has a watch on his wrist. So what better way to surprise him for Valentine's day, than a leather watch with an elegant box to go with it? A gift like that will show him how much you love him and his style and make him realize you are one of a kind.

Framed portraits

We live in such a modern world where we can access anything through our phones. Framing pictures, however, will always be a way to connect with those that are closest to our hearts. Being able to just look up and see a happy moment, forever captured, is priceless. So why not just put some portraits of you two in frames to decorate his home and add a more personal touch to it.

giftbox and roses

Unleash your creativity

Regardless of whether you are looking for Saint Valentine's gift ideas for him or her, what you must always keep in mind is how you want to make your partner feel. Think about their passions, needs, feelings, everything they may have shared with you at one point or another. Then use that to pick a gift that they will not only like, but cherish forever in their heart and memory.

Unleash your creativity and think of some original and fun ways to make your significant others feel like the most special people ever.

Final words

Picking a gift for Valentine's may be difficult. We hope we've inspired you with some creative Saint Valentine's gift ideas that will help you express your deepest feelings towards your special someone.

If you have found the most perfect gift and are already eager to learn more interesting stuff about roses, gifts, and ways to surprise people, don't hesitate to visit our blog.