Valentine's day craft: How to make Valentine’s roses and draw a heart?

Valentine's Day is that time of the year, where love is celebrated all around the world. Roses are always in style for this intimate holiday. But have you ever considered the idea to make your very own roses to surprise your significant other? Handmade gifts are valued greatly because of the time and effort that has been put into them.

So in today's blog post, we will tell you how to draw Valentine's heart with roses. If you are a crafter by heart, or just wanna try something new and bold, don't stop reading.

Floriography - what is it?

Before moving on to the DIY part, let us first tell you just a little bit about floriography. Simply said, floriography is the language of flowers. You are probably aware of the idea that all flowers hold different meanings. They depend on the type of the flower, its colour, or both. So, to create a beautiful flower arrangement that conveys the right message, one must know the meaning behind flowers.

Valentine's Day is mainly associated with roses. So how do you decide which rose color is most appropriate for the person you love? By understanding different rose colors and their meanings.

date 14 february and roses

How to make valentine roses?

Now that you know which color your heart will be, it is time to get to work. So how to make Valentine roses? First of all, pick the color. Most people choose red roses for Valentine's Day. If you, however, for any reason have chosen another color, don't worry, just go with it.

So what will you need for paper roses? Well, of course, some tissue paper in the color of your rose, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Don't forget to put all your love and positive vibes into the process.

When it comes to the crafting part, just be calm and use measurements to be sure that everything will be even at the end.

  • Cut some strips of tissue paper along its longest length edge - 3-4" will do the work;
  • Crinkle the paper;
  • Fold it loosely in half;
  • Repeat the third step once again and fold it loosely once more;
  • Start rolling it up and add some hot glue at the beginning of your roll;
  • Add some more dabs of hot glue on the way;
  • Finish the rose by hot gluing the end part.

bunch of valentine roses

And that is it. Simple as that. Depending on what you will do next with your roses, you may need quite a lot of them. The more paper roses you craft, the fuller and better-looking your present will be.

How to draw a valentine heart with roses?

Now that you know how to make Valentine's roses, it is time to learn how to draw Valentine's heart with said roses.

First of all, you must decide on what you will be creating. Will you put your roses in a heart-shaped box, or will you make a rose wreath? Regardless of your choice, you will need to create a frame in a shape that resembles a heart.

Making a Valentine wreath is a much easier task than crafting a box full of paper roses. To make a heart-shaped box, you must be very precise in your measurements and cuttings so that all parts fit. Furthermore, you will have to use thicker cardboard so that your box stays in shape. Considering that crafting boxes are not exactly beginner-friendly, you may want to focus on the simpler to execute Valentine wreath. Whatever you choose, the result will be stunning.

To be helpful to most of you, we've decided to go with the Valentine wreath. So here's how to make the frame:

heart made of roses

  1. Start by drawing a heart on paper. It will be easier if you search the web to find a picture of a heart. Then put a paper on the screen, and trace the lines onto the paper. When you're ready, carefully cut the heart out of the paper and place it on cardstock cardboard.
  2. Trace the lines, and then cut your cardboard heart. When you have your heart in front of you, you may paint it with red craft paint. This step ensures that no white spots are visible when roses are finally glued in.
  3. After the paint dries, you are ready to start hot gluing your paper roses. Always start at the center top. Depending on the width of your heart, you may have space for 1 to 3 roses placed in a column. When you're ready with your initial column, start working your way around both sides equally.
  4. Be patient and trust the process. It may take some time, but we guarantee it's going to be worth it. When you're all done, you may add a ribbon and hang it somewhere, or just place it on the bed - it is up to you!

Roses in a heart shape from RoseGift

We understand that crafting is not an activity that is enjoyable for everyone, so we've come prepared. If you are not so much into crafting handmade Valentine gifts or simply don't have the time or the means available to you at the moment, don't worry, RoseGift has got your back.

We told you that creating heart-shaped boxes is no easy task. We, however, have turned it into our specialty so that you can surprise your partner with a box of roses. Lots of thought and passion goes into the process of the creation of our high-quality boxes.

Valentine's day roses

They come in a luxurious box that will make quite the impression on the receiver. You can choose between boxes in different shapes and colors. It doesn't matter whether you decide to go with a heart-shaped box or a box that says 'I love you!', your partner will be thrilled to have you in their life.


Valentine's day is all about showing your partner your adoration, appreciation, and admiration. You now know how to make Valentine's roses out of paper and turn those roses into a beautiful wreath. Crafting activities may be a little too time-consuming, especially for first-timers and people who don't craft regularly. Don't be discouraged by the time it may take, focus more on the genuine smile your handmade gift will provoke.

We hope you found this blog post interesting and helpful. For more posts on roses, their meanings, and other intriguing information, visit our blog.