What do pink roses mean? Pink roses symbolism

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Because of the positive message they convey, pink roses are in the top five of the most preferred rose colors and shades. Their bubbly and optimistic nature and the fact that they are the go-to choice for many people when shopping for roses, made us think about the symbolism the pink roses hold. So we dug up some old textbooks and found some interesting facts about this gentle and beautiful flower. What do pink roses mean? - If you have asked yourself this question at least once, you may want to continue reading, because in this post, we are going to spill out all the hidden messages this rose color represents.

History of pink roses

Before we move on to the important question, let's first see where pink roses stand historically. Pink roses grow naturally. Archaeologists have found a fossil of a pink rose that dates back 40 million years. You can imagine just how long pink roses have been around. During all this time, people have been interpreting the meaning of the pink roses. We will discuss them in a bit.

Pink roses have been found in ancient drawings, literature, and music. That led scientists to believe that pink roses are the ancestors of all roses. Some Hebrew texts mention that the only flowers that were allowed in the Holy City of Jerusalem are the mesmerizing pink roses. It is quite possible that they were the only variety of roses that existed in those days. Apart from Jerusalem, pink roses have been popular in other countries and cultures as well. Their popularity had reached Mediterranean countries, Persia, and even China.

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What do pink roses mean?

Pink is a rich color that offers a variety of hues and shades - bubblegum pink, hot pink, coral, baby pink, etc. It is such a feminine, gentle, and delicate color that it is absolutely no surprise that it is wildly popular among young girls. Pink rooms, pink toys, pink clothes, and pink roses - especially for girls. That is why you often see pink-colored roses to be gifted to young girls for their birthday parties or to mothers-to-be that are expecting baby girls.

What do dark pink roses mean? - If that's a question of interest to you, keep reading because this is what we will discuss now. Different shades communicate differently, but what they all have in common is that they are an expression of sympathy, appreciation, and beauty. They are not used to express love in the romantic passionate way red roses do. So let's spice up things a little and see what different shades and hues stand for:

  • Dark Pink Roses - Gratitude, appreciation; Often given to family members - wife, aunts, mothers - and mentors;
  • Light Pink Roses - Admiration, gentleness;
  • Pale Pink Roses - Admiration and love that is still budding and hasn't attended to the stage of passion yet;
  • Bright & Hot Pink Roses - Appreciation and thankfulness. Perfect for joyful celebrations;
  • Thornless Pink Roses - Long-lasting love for the recipient;
  • Thornless Blooming Roses - Innocence, youth, purity, and beauty;
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    Another thing you may wonder is whether pink roses go well in bouquets with other colors? Yes, they do. So let's take a look at which combinations are most common and why:

    • Pink and Red Roses - Indication of happiness in a romantic relationship;
    • Pink and White Roses - Indication of appreciation of the gentle and innocent soul of the receiver;
    • Pearly Light Pink and Cream Roses - Indication of joy, happiness, pure intentions, and transparency.

    What is the best occasion for a pink rose?

    Now that you know what pink roses represent, you just need to learn what the most appropriate occasions for pink roses are. Spoiler alert: They are good for almost every occasion. Pink roses are suitable for daughters, mothers, wives, best friends, mothers-to-be, mentors, colleagues, etc. The best way to say 'Thank you!' to your mother for all sleepless nights is to give her a pink rose for Mother's Day.

    Anniversaries, birthday parties, graduations, or special occasions like welcoming a newborn baby girl are all perfect for pink roses. You can also give them to someone who has been going through a rough time just to remind them how proud and appreciative of their strength you are.

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    In a nutshell

    What do pink roses represent? You finally got an answer for this one. Now you know that pink roses are always a good idea as they are a symbol of grace, appreciation, and joy. If you are interested in other rose colors and their meaning, don't hesitate to read our article on the subject - here. There you will find brief explanations of the most popular rose color shades. And remember to always show your loved ones that you care and are grateful for their presence in your life.