What do blue roses mean? Blue roses symbolism

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Roses are a universal way to express feelings and hidden thoughts, so it's pointless to ask whether they make a good gift. The answer to this one is as clear as day - yes, they do and they are always a good idea! What you should be asking instead is how to choose which rose color is appropriate for which occasion. Not all rose colors bear the same meaning - some may be used to say: 'I will cherish you forever' while others are meant to say: 'Thank you for your friendship.'

So if you want to learn how to speak the language of roses, you need to be aware of the hidden messages they convey. And luckily for you, today, you are going to learn all about the blue roses - what do they mean, do they grow naturally, and what environment is most appropriate for a blue rose.

The legend of the blue rose

Let's talk a little bit about history. So what exactly is the legend of the blue rose?

It originates from Chinese Folklore, and it signifies attaining the impossible. According to the legend, an Emperor's daughter was to be married soon, and she said she would marry him, who would bring her a blue rose. While many men were discouraged by the challenge, some were willing to try.

backview of woman carying blue roses One had a rose painted in blue, and another had a rose carved out of sapphire. The princess rejected both men and continued waiting for the right one. Then another cunning man asked a wizard to craft him a blue rose. The result was an illusion of a rose which the princess recognized momentarily and declined his proposal. She then told the gardener's son that he is the one she has chosen, and he promised to bring her a blue rose the following morning. He then gave her a white rose. The princess' answer, however, was an affirmative one. Despite the confusion among all people that were present, the Emperor gave his blessing, saying that 'If his daughter said it was a blue rose, this is what it was.' The princess and the gardener's son lived happily ever after.

Do blue roses grow naturally?

The answer to this question probably won't surprise you. Blue roses do not exist or grow naturally. That is so, because they lack delphinidin - the pigment responsible for the blue color. Unfortunately, the pigment is not present in roses, therefore the chance to find a naturally grown blue rose points to 0. It is produced by hybridists but is wildly popular among people and is still desirable and unattainable - just like its meaning. Stay with us to understand exactly what this means.

Blue roses have been portrayed in literature and art. Some records show that blue roses were first found in the 12th century. Those records, however, distribute inaccurate information as the flower described was probably mistaken for another, naturally grown one.

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What do blue roses mean

What do blue roses mean? We finally got to the part where we spill the secret. Given it is non-existent in the real world naturally, the blue rose symbolizes unattainableness, thus it is often described as a representation of unrequited love or something that is destined to never be fulfilled and will remain just a dream. Considering that the closest shade to blue that grows naturally is purple, and purple roses represent love at first sight, this meaning is sometimes transferred to the blue rose, as well.

Blue roses are often given to people with interesting and mysterious personalities as a way to celebrate their identity. They are also a symbol of new beginnings in life, so it is not uncommon to be given as gifts when someone is going through life-changing events. Lighter shades of blue roses represent sensitivity and feelings associated with peace and hope. Darker hues, however, are a representation of the imagination - its dreams and thoughts.

Events and Occasions that are perfect for Blue Roses

The color of the blue rose makes it an interesting choice for many specific occasions, especially ones that are meant to celebrate the receiver's individuality. Their mysterious appearance represents true love and unrequited one, making them an original idea that shows your love interest towards a special someone.

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Blue roses are perfect for graduations, birthdays, and other occasions, related to the person's identity. They are also great for art events. You can give a blue rose to a friend that is opening an exhibition, or to a friend that just published his very first book. It is up to you to decide, just keep in mind that blue roses are the go-to gifts for musicians, performers, actors, writers, and other people, part of the creative industry.

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To sum it up

What do blue roses mean? - You finally know the answer to this question. Their mysticism is enchanting and definitely eye-catching. So, if you're wondering whether blue roses make good gifts, you already know that they do. Don't be afraid to go out of the box and make a loved one smile by giving them a blue rose. So if you are not aware of the meaning behind other rose colors, you may want to read our article with brief explanations on different colors' meanings. If you, however, wish to get a more profound understanding of a specific rose color, don't hesitate to visit our blog. There, you will find plenty of information on their hidden meanings and what makes them such desirable gifts.