What do purple roses mean? Purple roses symbolism

spring purple roses

If you want to learn the language of love, you must first learn its alphabet. And in this very romantic language, the alphabet consists of flowers and romantic gestures. That is why in today's article, we will talk about roses - one of the main letters in the language of love. Our focus will be pointed to one specific color and the meaning that hides behind it - purple.

That's right, if purple is your favorite color and you have always wanted to know what purple roses signify, don't stop reading. Without further ado, let's get started.

Do purple roses grow naturally

What do purple roses mean? Before we go on and answer that question, we must first discuss whether purple roses grow naturally. While they do exist and can be grown naturally, they are usually a result of the cross-hybridization of different color roses. In most cases, white and pink roses are mixed, and voilà a purple rose is created. In others, red is also used. An interesting fact is that the first purple roses were bred in Denmark by the Dutch.

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History of purple roses

Now let us talk about history. Purple roses have been around for quite some time. The first time purple roses made an appearance was around the 1800s. However, they have been present long before that. How is that possible, though? The truth is that many variations of the purple color were considered the same, even though they were not. People back then referred to dark red roses as purple. Lavender roses, which have been naturally grown for centuries, were also called purple.

Different shades of purple roses have been used as an elegant decoration of castles, gardens, and backyards of wealthy households. Having been so popular among the rich and the noble have made purple roses quite desirable flowers. It is no wonder that they have chosen purple roses as the primary flowers that made the environment around their homes pleasant and attractive to people. Let's not forget that this color is associated with royalty, so intentionally or not - purple roses have been used to convey messages.

To satisfy the needs of the aristocrats, hybridists started experimenting with different rose breeds. Such experimentations led to the creation of many shades of purple, some of which can still be found in floral shops today.

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What are the most common shades of purple roses

Before we answer your most asked question - 'What do purple roses signify?', let's take a look at what are the different shades of purple roses that are most popular to this day. There are four different variations of the purple-colored roses:

  • Lilac roses;
  • Lavender roses;
  • Dark purple roses;
  • Plum roses.

Keep in mind that when people tried to make the blue rose, other variants of purple roses were created. How does this happen? Delphinidin is a pigment that is responsible for the blue color. Naturally, roses lack this pigment, and it is therefore inserted into the rose gene. Sometimes, it reacts with other pigments, responsible for warmer colors, and they turn the color purple rather than blue. However, if you are interested in how blue roses were created, you can read our article by clicking here.

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What do purple roses signify

We finally got to the most important point: the meaning behind the beautifully colored purple roses. Like with any other thing, if you want to understand purple roses' significance fully, you need to look at the bigger picture. This rose color has been popular among many cultures. However, despite all differences in cultural meaning, dark purple roses have one thing in common - their embodiment of power. They are a symbol of royalty, wealth, regality, elegance, luxury, and sophistication. Dark purple is a color that has been always associated with royals. It is no wonder really that royals from different cultures often wore purple robes or had purple jewels to show their immense power. If you give your loved one a dark purple rose, you are showing them that you love them deeply and you are ready for a long-term commitment.

On the other side, lilac and lavender roses convey much more romantic meanings and feelings. It represents budding love and even love at first sight, especially if it is given without any thorns. Light purple roses also represent mystical love and enchantment towards someone.

Appropriate occasions for purple roses

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What are the appropriate occasions that are worthy of a purple rose? If this is your beloved's favorite color, any occasion is an appropriate occasion because your loved one will be thrilled that you put thought into your gift. However, should that not be the case, it is important to know what message you are trying to convey with your rose. Any romantic occasions are appropriate as dark purple represents everlasting love and light purple - love at first sight. Therefore they are good for Valentine's day and wedding anniversaries.

Keep in mind that purple roses are not reserved just for people you are romantically involved with. You can give such roses to your mother or even some very close friends. The message here would be: 'I love you, and I am extremely happy that you are a part of my life.' That makes purple roses appropriate for Mother's day and Birthday parties.

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Final words

What do purple roses signify? We finally gave you an answer to this important question. Knowing that they have a romantic symbolism will give you peace of mind to give your loved one a purple rose without any hesitations. If you want to take a look at what do the different colors of roses mean read the article.