What do black roses mean? Black roses symbolism

Roses - the universal flowers that hold the power to convey messages without speaking any words. Every rose tells a story to the recipient - whether one about passion or another about separation depends solely on the rose's color. Yes, that is how powerful they are! In today's post, we are going a little bit into the dark, as we will be telling you all about the black roses - their meaning and symbolism. So, if you find the topic intriguing and want to find out what hides beneath black roses' surface, don't stop reading!

History of black roses

Black roses have been part of our world ever since Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome were present on the maps. They symbolized power and strength, and since those ancient times, they have become quite a popular symbol in nowadays fiction. During the Victorian Era, the black rose's popularity reached its peak thanks to the gothic and macabre literature, art, and buildings.

Considering their dark nature, the Sicilian mafia used black roses to send secret messages. During those times, if you were unlucky enough to receive a black rose, you'd better run and hide because the message was loud and clear: the mafia's on their way to murder you.

closeup view of black rose

Black roses and their cultural significance

Black roses do not grow naturally. Their mysticism and mysterious color made them a huge part of the art world. They are very often portrayed in films and television, literature, music, video games, anime, and art in general. In the fiction world, black roses are often assigned to dark souls, vampires, and other supernatural creatures implying their dishonor and evilness. Fashion is another department that often uses black roses, because they are seen as timeless, elegant, and sophisticated.

What do black roses mean?

And after everything that we have shared so far, it is time to answer your most asked question - 'What do black roses mean?' The most obvious association with the color black is death. So the fact one of the meanings of the black roses is related exactly to death mourning is no surprise at all. But where does this concept come from? Those, who are fans of the tarot cards already know the answer, those who are not are about to learn it. In the tarot cards, there's a so-called death card, on which there's a white rose that represents new beginnings after death. In some editions, however, authors and illustrators have also put a black rose that signifies the dead end and the impossible return to living life.

As a symbol of death, the black rose is often seen as the epitome of hatred and tragedy. It also symbolized the end of a significant life event - be it a romantic relationship or anything else of this essence. Every end, however, is followed by a new beginning. So in some cases, black roses are used as a representation of rebirth.

roses in black

Is there any appropriate occasion for a black rose?

While black roses are extremely rare and valuable, they do not make a good gift for most occasions. Unless the receiver is a huge gothic fan, who would appreciate the lengths you have gone in order to find a black rose, we would advise against it. If you decide to surprise a loved one with a black rose, it would be best to go for more than one. Because you don't want your special person to think he is about to be murdered by the Sicilian mafia, right? Just keep in mind to avoid unlucky numbers like 13 and 2, because they may seem spooky to people who are just a tiny bit more superstitious than you are.

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Final Words

What do black roses mean, and do they make a good gift? We finally spilled the beans and gave you an answer. If you found it intriguing and are interested in the meaning behind other different colors, you can visit our blog. There you will find information on the most popular rose colors, their meanings, and other ideas on how to surprise your loved ones.

And remember, black roses are elegant and sophisticated, but they are not for everyone. Don't give them to people who you have just met because they may not understand the gesture. Save them for those who would appreciate their simplicity and beauty.